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It's a Jungle Out There ! 5 Ways To Introduce Tropical Decor To Your Home

It's a Jungle Out There ! 5 Ways To Introduce Tropical Decor To Your Home

Now here at Dear Trudy we try not be a slave to trends. We are firmly of the belief that as long as something makes YOU feel good than who gives a stuff what anyone else thinks. But then one day you see something pretty that tickles your fancy, after a while you start seeing it more and more until finally it's omnipresence is  invading your world and you are hooked, pure and simple. That is kinda how we feel with the whole tropical trend in interiors at the moment, it started with a " ooh I really like that leopard print cushion " to " I want to transplant my house to the middle of the jungle and never come back". So lets not fight it, lets embrace it and here is how  you can do it .......


If you are not at the full on leopard print wall paper stage, then start with a subtle introduction of the tropical trend to your décor. Cushions are great way of doing that. They don’t involve a massive commitment on your part but they add so much to your interiors in terms of color and texture. All cushions available on


Candle holders

Another subtle way of introducing tropical décor to your home is candle holders. There are so many quirky and interesting candle holders available right now. Like cushions, they do not involve a massive commitment on your part, but they definitely pack a punch and add oodles of personality to your home. Home accessories like candle holders offer an opportunity to be fearless and brave with your décor and make your home stand out. Candle holders available at 



Ok, so noFaunacation Wallpaper by Divine Savagesw we are entering the territory of requiring a little bit more bravery on your part. Using animal leopard print wallpaper certainly will make a statement and there are stunning animal print wallpapers to choose from. But if you think that might be a bit much, you could always try something more subtle like flamingo wallpaper or palm leaf print wallpaper. Of course you don’t have to do a whole room in this wallpaper you can always just do a feature wall or may be use it in the downstairs loo. It’s these smaller, less used rooms where you can flex that interior designer’s muscle and just go for it!!!! Wallpaper from Divine Savages


A brilliant way to add a subtle touch of the tropics to your interiors is through creative lighting. This palm tree shaped light is made of recycled brass and really is a showstopping piece. Rattan lampshades also create a lovely shadowy silohouette  that is very much in keeping with tropical decor. I talk about my love affair with rattan more in the next paragraph. Lamp available at



Just can't get enough of rattan here at Dear Trudy HQ. The tropical trend does not have to be just about palm trees and leopards, rattan is a beautiful way of adding a low key, tropical, boho vibe to your interiors. The earthiness and sometimes rough texture of the wood can elicit memories of tropical holidays in far flung destinations which makes me smile. For me a peacock chair captures the rattan style perfectly. It's simple but beautifully crafted, understated but seriously stylish. It's just perfect! 

Sep 04, 2019

Just love your style&colours… Class…do you have catalogue available?Thank you,Sheila

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